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Metal Working Fuids
Our product range meets your operational needs, whatever your machining process, whatever material you are machining, and includes soluble, semi synthetic, and synthetic metalworking coolants, neat cutting oils, forming oils, corrosion preventives and cleaners. Truflow metalworking products are formulated to a high health and safety, and environmental standard, to help you to achieve your goals and commitments in this increasingly important area


Miracool Soluble NP Miracool Soluble NP
Miracool NP is a soluble cutting fluid concentrate with superb stability when mixed with water at typically 3% – 10% concentration levels. High oil content cutting fluid concentrate which incorporates an excellent bio stability package giving a high quality, milky emulsion for most metalworking applications requiring a non E.P. performance fluid. Miracool NP can, however be used at stronger dilution rates dependent on application. Miracool NP includes a unique corrosion inhibition system to provide levels of corrosion protection not normally available from milky soluble products, hence providing good machine tool protection, both on slideways and the general working area, with the added benefits of finished component protection.



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